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5 Empowering Reasons To Wear Sexy Lingerie

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Sexy Belle09 October 2021

5 empowering reasons to wear sexy lingerie

Wearing sexy lingerie and seductive underwear styles is never just for your partner. Buying yourself a new underwear set that you love, can be super empowering! It's all about you and the way YOU feel when you wear sexy lingerie. Treating yourself to a lacey body or a three-piece suspender set can do amazing things for your self-image and how you feel about yourself. Check out this blog to see why wearing sexy lingerie is empowering. Or if you've heard enough, why not start shopping now! You are a few clicks away from feeling empowered.

5 Empowering Reasons To Wear Sexy Lingerie

1. Boost your self-confidence

Who doesn't love a confidence boost? We certainly don't all feel 100% confident at all times. Everyone has those dips in self-confidence but why not let sexy lingerie solve that for you (or at least help). It may seem silly but sexy underwear that looks incredible, can absolutely give you newfound confidence. That doesn't just mean confidence in the bedroom ... we think seductive underwear can give you day to day confidence. Knowing you have a powerful, stunning set on under your clothes, can really make you walk a little taller. Maybe covering yourself in semi-sheer lace can boost your mood. Or pushing boundaries with an open cup bra style will make you feel empowered and daring. We think the Coco De Mer Marilyn collection is the confidence-boosting set you need so check it out here >

coco de mer

2. Celebrate your body

One of the best ways to empower yourself is to celebrate your body. We are all guilty of comparing ourselves to unrealistic body types or even just our friends who are looking great. But maybe it's time to stop comparing and change your perspective. All bodies are unique and have their own beautiful qualities. We see sexy lingerie as a tool to highlight your best assets and own your individual silhouette. When your body confidence is lacking, sexy underwear can 100% pick you up and allow you to love your body for what it is. Sexy strapping can decorate and frame your curves in a way you have never seen them before. Or sheer fabric can make you look in the mirror and feel sexy. There is also nothing wrong with giving yourself a helping hand. Push up padding, a sturdy underwire or even a waist cincher could be what you need to start your self-love journey. We are loving the Scantilly by Curvy Kate Exposed set to celebrate those curves.

scantilly exposed

3. Explore your sexuality

Lingerie can definitely empower you in the bedroom too. What you wear can change the way you carry yourself and actually allow you to express sides of yourself that you didn't know existed. Sexy underwear can be the push you need to try something new with your partner. Exploring your sexuality is empowering because you can discover new likes and dislikes, lingerie just gives you a little nudge. Be daring and bold with seductive styles that really leave little to the imagination. Open crotch knickers, open cup bras or bodystockings are popular options. Playful Promises and Coco De Mer are the perfect choices for daring and empowering lingerie styles with a risque twist.

coco de mer

4. Treat yourself

How to feel empowered. 1. Find a sexy set you fall in love with. 2. Buy it! Treating yourself to something special can absolutely make you feel empowered and excited. Maybe you are someone who only ever buys things you need rather than things you want. Now is your time to stop feeling guilty and treat yourself ... you deserve it. See sexy lingerie as a secret gift just for you. If you love it, you will get a thrill when you buy it. So mix up the mundane and invest in yourself for once. If you really want to treat yourself to something stunning, then go for luxury sexy lingerie. Aubade, Lise Charmel & Andres Sarda are the must-have brands for luxe underwear that will make you shine.

lise charmel

5. Express your personality

Why not use sexy lingerie as a tool to express your personality. We all express ourselves with the fashion choices we make on the daily, so why not extend that to our underwear? Sometimes we can be guilty of throwing on old lingerie that doesn't really say anything about who we are or make us feel good. But lingerie is not just about convenience and practicality. Make deliberate choices and buy sexy lingerie that feels like it was made for you. Whether you love lace, mesh, sexy strapping, leather, tulle or even silk. Sexy Belle has something that will speak to you. Playful Promises is a great one for people who are drawn to a vintage or retro style. Or maybe you want something that feels ultra-feminine? Tallulah Love could be the one for you.

playful promises

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