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How To Wear Suspenders

Guide to wearing suspenders belts, Waspies and more

Sexy Belle23 October 2020

how to wear suspenders

Ready to turn up the heat and delve into the world of suspenders, but not sure how to wear them? Then you are in the right place! Here’s our helpful guide on how to wear suspender belts. They can be complicated and confusing if it’s your first time wearing them, but don’t stress. We are here to help and put your concerns to bed. After reading this you will be a suspender belt pro and ready to dominate in your new lingerie.

What are suspenders? Suspenders or a suspender belt is a piece of fabric essentially that sits on your waist or hips and is designed to hold up stockings. That’s the simple answer. They were designed in the 1920s to replace girdles as a practical solution which was more comfortable and liberating for women across the world. Since then suspenders have become an iconic staple in any sexy lingerie drawer and a must-have for the boudoir. They are now both practical and a fashion statement, allowing you to feel seductive and powerful. Suspenders have become so popular that the best lingerie brands have created so many different styles … it’s hard to keep up with all the terminology so here’s a simple breakdown so you know what you are buying.

1. Classic suspender belt

The classic look we all know and love. The classic suspender belt style is a piece of fabric (usually elasticated) which sits on your waist. The suspender belt will have straps attached which hang down your thigh. The straps have claps at the end which attach to your stockings or hold-ups. The suspender belt, also known as a garter belt, can come in a huge range of styles and fabrics and can have 4, 6 or even 8 straps. The great thing about the classic suspender belt is that it sits comfortably at your waist so won’t restrict your movement. You can buy quite comfy suspenders these days so try it out and see what works for you.

2. Waspies & Waist Cinchers

Waspies, also known as Waist Cinchers, are pretty similar to suspenders belts but the key difference is that they sit higher. Instead of hugging your hips and sitting on the waist, a Waspie will rise up your torso and sometimes stop just under your bust. Sometimes Waspies look like corsets that don’t cover the bust and they act in a similar way. They are designed to cinch you in at the waist and give you that hourglass silhouette. They give you great tummy support as Waspies smooth out the torso for a flattering finish. They still have suspender straps attached so will hold up those stockings.

3. Suspender nightwear

Finally, you have nightwear with suspenders attached! We love this concept for an all in one, easy lingerie look. You can now buy slip dresses, chemises and Camis with suspender straps attached at the bottom. Usually tightfitting, suspender nightwear will cover your whole body with luscious lace, silk, satin and more. Attach you favourite stockings and your seductive nightwear is sorted.

suspender styles

How to wear suspenders

Okay so now for the tricky bit. There are a few ways to put suspender belts on. You can slip on the suspender belt and get it to fit nicely on the waist. Then put your stockings on and attach the straps. We recommend doing the front straps first and then the back straps. But it can be quite fiddly to attach the back straps when you are wearing the stockings. So, if you find it difficult you can attach the stockings to the suspender before you put it on. Then it becomes like one piece of lingerie which you slip on together. Don’t forget to adjust the straps! Suspenders are usually adjustable in multiple places so you can get the best fit. Once you have everything on and attached you can start adjusting. You need to tighten the straps so that your stockings are held up quite tightly and they feels secure. The last thing you want is loose straps or stockings falling down. Try it out sitting and standing up to make sure you have the right fit.

How do you attach the suspenders to the stockings? It’s not as hard as it seems. So, you need to do one strap at a time. Open the clasp on the suspender strap. There will usually be a rubber or silicone nub. This needs to go inside the stocking and the clasp on the outside so that the stocking is between the two. You can then close the clasp onto the rubber nub and the stocking is secure. Repeat with all the straps and you are sorted! Usually the stockings will have a lace or mesh top section, that is what you attach the strap to.

How to style suspenders

There is an age old debate … do you wear suspenders over or under your knickers? Well we would love to give you a definite answer but actually it’s totally up to you. It’s your body, style it how you like. You can wear your suspenders with a thong, full brief, Brazilian brief or G strings. We know it can look great paired with any of these. If you wear your briefs over your suspenders you will probably feel more secure so this might be a good option if you are wearing the set outside, under an outfit. In terms of stockings, there are countless styles and colours. Everything from classic black lace to luscious red mesh so take your pick and find your style. You can sometimes style your suspenders with hold ups but it works best with stockings. Hold ups are designed to stay up on their own and sometimes have a rubber strip on the inside. This can make it tricky to attach the straps so our advice is to buy some stockings.

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