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Benefits Of Silk

Why you should buy silk lingerie?

Sexy Belle19 December 2020

Benefits of silk Lingerie blog

Silk is one of the sexiest fabrics by far! The natural fibre is known to be luxurious and seductive from the shine and shimmer to the history of the fabric itself. With this reputation, unfortunately, the price tag is often high but at the end of the day, if you want to treat yourself or treat a loved one to silk lingerie then the price tag is so worth it.

“Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand” – Oscar de la Renta


If you are looking for that special silk lingerie piece, Sexy Belle is the right place to be, with a variety of gorgeous silk lingerie. Brands to really consider would be Tallulah love, Coco De Mer and Lise Charmel. These brands offer some truly luxurious ranges of silk lingerie from balcony bras, triangle bras, briefs, bodies, nighties and so much more, all crafted from silk. If you are unsure whether or not an item is made from silk, make sure you are checking the product description, where you should find the composition.

As the material is a natural, premium fabric, silk comes with a lot of benefits. So, if we haven’t persuaded you to browse silk lingerie yet, just take a look at more reasons why you should treat yourself or a loved one to silk lingerie. Here are our benefits of buying silk lingerie:

  1. Hypoallergenic
  2. Seasonless
  3. Good for skin and hair
  4. Good night’s sleep
  5. Shimmer and shine
  6. Timeless and fit for a queen





The phrase hypoallergenic seems to be labelled across many things these days, and most things have been crafted and designed deliberately to be hypoallergenic. However, due to silk being a natural fibre, it naturally has a residue to repel dust mites, mould and bacteria so there have been very few reactions to silk. Hypoallergenic describes something that will have little to non-allergic reactions to it. So, if you struggle with allergies, you’ve now got the best excuse to treat yourself to silk lingerie!


Silk is a breathable fabric so perfect for all seasons. It will keep you cool in the hotter months and warm in the colder months. The natural fibres have moisture-wicking abilities, so it will keep you cool and dry in the sun and keep you warmer in the cold weather. The heat regulation is also amazing for our ladies going through menopause and hot flushes. It will help counteract the sudden rush of heat and help to keep a consistent temperature. So, when’s the best time to treat yourself to silk lingerie? All year round! 

Good for Skin and Hair

Most fabrics, especially man-made ones can cause a lot of friction, which can cause irritation and a lot of frizz in your hair. The phrase “silky smooth” has come about for a reason and that is the fact that silk is so smooth it glides over your skin and hair. You may be wondering why we are discussing hair but think about every time you slip into cotton PJs and your hair comes out all over the place, well with silk this can be massively reduced. Silk is created from long fibres, unlike some kinds of cotton and wools that have short fibres. It is short fibres that can often cause irritation from sticking outwards. However, the number one reason silk is good for the skin is the fact that it keeps moisture in and keeps your skin hydrated. The tightly woven natural fibre allows silk lingerie to keep moisture close to your skin so your complexation will remain plump. Just more reasons to buy silk lingerie at Sexy Belle.

Good Nights Sleep

This benefit is more of a combination of the above three reasons. It’s never nice when you slip into bed, and you are too hot/ too cold or your PJs are causing you to itch and scratch. Silk will solve these problems and you’ll fall into a peaceful and comfortable sleep. Silk lingerie is also very lightweight, so you’ll probably even forget you are wearing them throughout the night! 


Shimmer and Shine

This is definitely more of an aesthetic reason, but Silk has this gorgeous shimmer and shine that is loved by many! The beautiful and unique shine comes from the natural prism-like structure of the fibres within the material and as the lights refract off in different angles it gives that shimmer, we all love. The shine will bounce off your skin and give you a glow and silk lingerie will only continue to highlight and enhance your best features.

Timeless and Fit for a Queen

Silk is said to last for a long time so when you buy silk lingerie from Sexy Belle you are buying something to last! Silk has commonly been passed down generations as heirlooms. And the best bit is, silk lingerie is always in fashion. Silk dates back to accident China and has been popular for thousands and thousands of years so here at Sexy Belle we doubt it’s going to go out of style tomorrow. Due to the creation process of silk, the price has always been higher and therefore silk has always been deemed as premium and regal. Over the years silk was kept by the upper class and only the royal families and aristocracy around the world had the honour of wearing the luxurious fabric. Now it is more readably available, anyone can treat themselves to silk lingerie and take advantage of the luxurious material.

What’s your favourite thing about Silk lingerie? Have we convinced you to buy silk lingerie from Sexy Belle? We’ve definitely given you plenty of excuses to treat yourself!

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