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How to find the sexiest bra for me

Top tips & bra types explained

Sexy Belle30 December 2020

sexiest bras for your figure

Looking for a new sexy bra but not sure what style suits you best? Well, follow our guide to finding the perfect bra for your figure. Top tips, a bra style guide and boob types explained.

How to find the sexiest bra style for me?

1. Get measured

Before you start searching for the perfect sexy lingerie, we recommend you get measured. Preferably by a professional bra fitter but we know that’s not always possible. So, you can measure your own bra size at home with our helpful fitting guide here > It’s crucial to know your size to find the best fit for you. Feeling comfy and supported will bring out your inner confidence and what’s sexier than that?!

2. Know your boob shape and type

Another thing to consider is your bust shape and type. Every woman’s figure is unique but there are types of boobs shapes which are most common. Knowing your breast shape will help you choose the right bra type which flatters your figure. Below we have given you a boob shape guide to help you decide which category you fall into.

3. Know your figure

To find the perfect sexy bra, you also need to know your figure. Looking and feeling sexy isn’t just about the bra. It’s about how you feel from head to toe. Knowing your figure and shape will help you to find the best thing to pair your new bra with for example what type of briefs will flatter your figure? There are lots of body shapes out there including pear, apple, diamond, hourglass and rectangle to name a few. Do some research to find out your body shape and understand your figure.

4. Experiment

Our final piece of advice is to experiment! Don’t be afraid to try something new. We all have our favourite bra type but that doesn’t mean it’s the one that flatters us the most. You never know until you try. So, take the plunge and try a few different bra styles. The best part is Sexy Belle has the free UK returns policy so if you didn’t get it right the first time, just send it back. It’s all about finding what feels right for your figure. We have a huge range of sexy bras waiting for you, so start browsing here >

Sexy bra types

Finding the perfect sexy bra for your figure can be daunting. The lingerie industry has lots of terminologies which might leave you feeling clueless, but don’t worry, we are here to clear things up. Here’s a list of sexy bra types explained.

sexy bra types

Balcony bra – A balcony bra, also known as a balconette, is a demi bra meaning it doesn’t have a full cup. The neckline will usually sit lower than a full cup bra and often has a straight across cut. The straps are usually wider set and the whole bra gives you great uplift and a natural-looking boost. Balcony bras are great for wearing under low cut tops and work best will smaller cups sizes usually. Balcony bras a perfect for women with a sloped breast where most of the tissue is at the base. If you have a fuller bust with a lot of tissue at the top, you are likely to spill out of this style of bra. Shop all balcony bras >

Bralettes – Generally a bralette is a non-wired, non-padded bra designed for comfort. Bralettes give minimal support but mostly a good amount of coverage. This means bralettes are best for women with smaller cup sizes or who feel comfortable with a natural look and feel. But now brands are making a big effort to allow bralettes to work for the fuller bust too. Longline bralettes will give you more support and some bralettes now have an underwire for larger cup sizes. Shop all bralettes >

Plunge bras – A plunge bra is a sexy style which allows women of all cup sizes and figures to show off their curves. This flirty style has a low cut neckline which plunges down between the breasts to expose the upper bust and the cleavage. The high apex on a plunge bra smooths out any breast shape to create a flattering slope. The great thing about plunge bras is there are so many different styles! You can find a comfy lace plunge with little support or an uplifting plunge bra with wire. Shop all plunge bras >

Open cup bras – Open cup or cupless bras are pretty self-explanatory. This style of bra has no cup at all or most of the cup is cut away to expose the breast. This style is not for the faint-hearted as it’s risqué, to say the least. An open cup bra leaves little to the imagination as most of the breast and the nipples are exposed. You can choose to bare all or style it with nipple covers. Either way, you are guaranteed to feel sexy in this style. Shop all open cup bras >

Push up bras – Our final choice for sexy bras is a classic push up. Push up bras are designed to lift the breast to give you great shape and a natural boost. There will be padding at the base or sides of the cup to lift the breast tissue upwards. Sometimes the padding is removable so you can wear it in two ways. This is a great choice for smaller boobs if you would like to enhance the look of your breasts or ideal for those of you with boobs where the tissue is at the base of the breast. Shop all push up bras >

Boob shapes explained

East-west – The breasts sit to the left and the right and the nipples point outward. This shape will benefit from a supportive bra which pulls the breasts inwards to the centre of the body, such as a balcony bra.

Round – Also known as a full boob due to the evenly distributed breast tissue giving the boobs a rounded, even shape. Most bra types will work well but low cut balcony bras may lead to spillage.

Slender – The boobs will be narrow and long with nipples pointing down. Often the breast tissue will be weighted towards the bottom. Balcony bras will help to lift the appearance of the breast.

Asymmetrical – The breasts are uneven or each cup is a different size. The best bra for this type of breast is a foam lined or padded bra which will help to even the appearance of the breast and disguise the size difference or any gaping.

Wideset – The breasts have a large gap between them. This breast type suits a push up or a plunge bra which closes the gap between the cups.

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