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Lace Care Guide and Buying Guide

Lace 101

Sexy Belle23 January 2021


Lace lingerie is such a common piece in all our wardrobes, but do you really know how to look after them? Sexy Belle has a variety of gorgeous lace pieces and we want to make sure once you’ve bought the items they last! From lace bras, lace briefs, teddies and babydolls, indulge in the stunning material for as long as possible.



The origins of lace aren’t really clear but lace-like woven fabrics came about in the early 16th century. Where it also originated is also a big question, but Venice was very early associated with lace and that’s where the romance element comes when you catch a glimpse of lace. By 1600 many European countries were practised in the manufacturing including, France, Italy, Spain and England. It was noblemen and royal families that traded the delicate material which made the luxurious reputation that lace has today. It was during the 18th-century lace became more delicate and today we now see such a variety of lace thickness and patterns. It wasn’t until the British industrial revolution in the 1800s that lace was first made by a machine and therefore increased the growth and love of the material. Now, we see the lace in every shop, in many industries including lingerie. The variety of patterns and thickness allows lingerie to come in all different styles and sheerness. That’s why we love it, here at Sexy Belle because it suits every customer of all different shapes, styles and different budgets as well.


Washing and Care Guide

Now, onto how to keep your timeless delicate perfect for as long as possible? First things first, we understand that washing lingerie may not be a priority and fortunately, most modern sexy lingerie will be ok in the washing machine. So, if you need to put lace lingerie in the washing machine, here are a few tips:

  1. Read the lingerie label
  2. Don’t put your lingerie in the machine with heavy things such as towels or bedding
  3. Keep it cold. Use the washing settings to no more than 30C
  4. If you have the option, choose delicate or handwashing settings
  5. A delicates bag to put your lingerie in to then put in the machine would be ideal
  6. Don’t leave it lying in your washing machine too long after the cycle
  7. And finally, NEVER place in a tumble dryer!

If you want your gorgeous lace lingerie to last, we highly recommend handwashing. Here are our tips:

  1. Get the right detergent for handwashing
  2. Soak your lingerie in a clean washing bowl with cold to lukewarm water
  3. Apply the soap and wash gently but thoroughly. Try dunking it and letting it rise to the surface before you dunk it again
  4. Don’t leave it too long in water so once washed, rinse and take out

Other tips for if you either hand wash or put it in the washing machine:

  1. Don’t mix colours of your lace lingerie
  2. When drying, try to leave it lying in its original shape, so it doesn’t misshapen. It might even be worth stuffing the cups of your lace bra.
  3. Try avoiding ironing lace but if you have to, best-done whilst it’s slightly damp.

All these instructions may be a lot, but you will thank us when your lace lingerie lasts and lasts! And one last thing, if your lace is so old and you want to keep as a memory, store it in acid-free tissue paper, in a clean and dry environment to preserve it.


Buying Lace Lingerie

You are definitely in the right place to be buying lace lingerie, Sexy Belle has such a large variety. No matter your budget, style or size we have something for you. From cheeky sheer items to lingerie that is adorned with lace details. Most of our brands have at least one lace piece however some of our customers’ favourites include Contradiction by Pour Moi and Obsessive. If you are looking for some premium lace lingerie to treat yourself, take a look at Aubade or Coco De Mer.

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