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How to wear open cup bras

Advice and recommendations

Sexy Belle10 February 2021

open cup bras

The ultimate seduction tool when it comes to lingerie has to be the open cup bra. This popular and sexy bra style leaves little to the imagination and is not one for the faint-hearted. If you are confident with your body and comfortable baring all, then an open cup bra is the perfect way to spice up the bedroom. Showing off your natural curves in the boudoir can only be a good thing so keep reading to learn all there is to know about the elusive open cup bra.

What is an open cup bra?

Let’s start with the basics. Maybe you’ve arrived here because you are new to the world of open cup bras and you want to know exactly what it is and why you should buy one. Well, an open cup bra is essentially what it says on the tin … a bra with no cups. But it’s not always so simple. Some open cup bras will literally have no cup at all meaning your breast is completely exposed with no fabric over the nipple. This style will usually have strap details which surround the breast to highlight your bust and draw the eye in, almost like a sexy little frame. But some open cup bras are not so risqué. Some styles look more like a half cup or shelf bra but they are just cut a little lower to expose more of the bust. Another popular style is the peephole or cuts out bra which looks like it has more of a cup but then there is a hole in the middle to allow the nipple to show through. Essentially if your nipples are on show when the bra is on, then it falls into the open cup category. But why bother wearing an open cup at all? It may seem odd when you are so used to having your whole bust encased in fabric or covered in lace, but the open cup style just takes things to a new level. We think open cups can be really beautiful and unique, highlighting your best assets and allowing your natural beauty to shine through. Sometimes the bra can steal the show but don’t you want your body to be the centre of attention? If you’re body confident and love your curves then this style is for you. Or maybe you’ve never been so risqué and you’re lacking that confidence. That’s okay. An open cup bra could be the key to finding that inner temptress. The more you get used to showing off your body, the easier it will get. If you are looking for a bra for everyday wear that gives you support, then this is not the one I’m afraid. But if you are bored of your tired old sexy lingerie and want to step into a more erotic style that’s made to be seen, open cups are perfect!

open cup bra


How to wear an open cup bra

Okay first let’s talk practicality. Actually, getting the bra on is a challenge, to begin with, but you soon get used to it. A lot of open cup bras have what seems like 300 straps which you have to navigate. Because there is no cup, when you hold the bra up in front of you, it can be confusing to even understand which way up it goes or which is the front and which is the back. All bras are different so this is a little trial and error. But to make it easier we suggest you take a really good look at it. Lay it out on the bed in front of you and figure out which way it should go. This is so much easier than trying to understand the bra whilst attempting to put it on. Many open cup bras will have a standard hook & eye fastening which closes at the rear like a normal bra. But some close at the front with a simple clasp too which can make it easier to get on. There will usually be a lot of adjustabilities too so make sure you get each strap to fit your curves snuggly.

How to style an open cup bra

The best thing about an open cup bra is the versatility! You can wear this style in so many ways which means you get a lot for your money. You can obviously wear your new open cup in the bedroom with a thong, to simply let your body shine on your next date night. But you can also pair it with nipple covers or nipple pasties to give you that little bit of modesty and to decorate your body with even more sparkles. Open cups will go with anything, whether you like thongs, high waisted briefs, Brazilian briefs or even suspenders. You can literally style open cup bras however you want in the bedroom, there are no rules.

But it doesn’t stop there. You can layer open cups with other clothing or lingerie and wear it on your next night out. Lingerie as clubwear is a huge trend which seems set to stay so jump on the bandwagon. Open cup bras can be worn over tops or bodysuits to add a new dimension to your outfit and give your tired old clothes a new life. Lace, leopard print, snake print, florals … you name it and there is an open cup bra out there in that style.

open cup bras


The best open cup bras

Heard enough? Now it’s time to get shopping! Sexy Belle has a selection of quality open cup bras in a range of styles. If you are looking for something feminine and floral, try the Playful Promises Regalia Colette Open Cup Bra. The 3D motifs on this are stunning and actually do give you a little coverage. Coco De Mer has a range of luxe open cup bras but we are loving the Setaria Open Triangle Bra. This is so minimal yet beautiful with a gorgeous teal frame and gold trimming. Or maybe you are a fan of fringe. If so then you need the Aubade Boite A Desir Fringing Bra Set in your lingerie drawer. Open cup bras can be so unique and erotic. But not a tacky kind of erotic. These brands craft stunning, quality lingerie which frames the body so well. Browse all open cup bras here >

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