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What The Colour Of Your Lingerie Says About You

Discover what the colour of your lingerie says about you

Sexy Belle 16 October 2021

The Colour Of Your Lingerie

A lot of us are aware of the psychology behind colour and the feelings or emotions certain shades or colours can evoke. Colour can say a lot more about us than we're aware of, and in this blog, we're going to give you insight into what the colour of your sexy lingerie says about you. After all, here at Sexy Belle, we offer a huge variety of styles, designs, fabrics and colours, it's great for you to have more knowledge on what the colour of the lingerie you're buying says about you. It's no secret that colour can play a huge part in setting the mood, in any situation. When it comes to the bedroom and wearing sexy lingerie, which colour sends what message? Keep reading on to find out more. So, let's dig in and talk about what the colour of your sexy lingerie says about you.

Shop Black Lingerie

Black is the ultimate classic. It's the go-to for many of us and it will never get old. Although black may seem basic, it's the most timeless colour for anyone looking to purchase sexy lingerie. As well as this, black lingerie has a sultry and quite seductive vibe, making it the perfect colour for any sexy lingerie set. If you already have a lot of black lingerie in your seductive collection, you're most likely confident and have a dominant personality. Black may seem easy to wear, but it certainly makes a big impact in the bedroom. Browse our sexy black lingerie here, and update your sexy lingerie collection today.

Shop red Lingerie

Red is often the colour we all think of when we think of sexy lingerie. Red is the colour of passion, love, sensuality and seduction. Along with all of these bedroom feelings the colour red gives us, red is also glamourous and dominant, making it the perfect colour for a seductive and flirty lingerie set. The colour red symbolises intense desire and aggression, If you're already a keen fan of red lingerie, you probably like the finer things in life, and enjoy looking and feeling flirty with your significant other. Browse our red lingerie here.

Shop Pink Lingerie

Depending on the shade of pink you prefer, the colour can tell you many things about yourself. Hot pink is similar to red; passionate, seductive and bold. However, pale pink is very feminine, gentle and soft. Pink evokes a sense of innocence, with a hint of flirty, giving you a mysterious and elegant sexy lingerie look. If you're a fan of pink lingerie, you're probably fun, playful and a bit cheeky. Browse our pink lingerie here.

Shop Purple Lingerie

The colour purple is often associated with luxury and royalty. Purple lingerie is incredibly elegant and feminine and has an extremely romantic feel to it. If purple sexy lingerie catches your eye, it's likely you have luxurious and expensive taste and love to treat yourself. Have a browse at the sexy purple lingerie we offer.



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