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Why Do I Feel Silly In Sexy Lingerie?

Read our blog to find out why you might be feeling silly in your sexy lingerie and read tips on how to change it

Sexy Belle15 January 2022

Why Do I Feel Silly In Sexy Lingerie

Feeling silly in sexy lingerie is a very common thing. Wearing sexy lingerie is natural for some people and others, it simply isn't. If you find yourself feeling silly in sexy lingerie, that's ok and totally normal. In this blog, we're going to be discussing why you might feel silly in sexy lingerie and what you can do to fix it.




The first thing is that you might be overthinking it. Sexy lingerie is designed to make you look and feel sexy. It is designed for YOU. Just remember, the sexy lingerie is for you and the person who gets to see it, well, they're just lucky they get to! Don't overthink 'sexy', go with what you feel comfortable with and your confidence will boom. A tip for loosening up and getting more comfortable with being sexy in your sexy lingerie is to try and get into your sexy mode. Maybe do your makeup, hair and moisturise your body. This way, you'll feel your most confident self and it will definitely show when wearing your sexy lingerie. Another tip for feeling more comfortable in your sexy lingerie is to introduce sex toys into the bedroom. It may seem daunting for beginners but sex toys are a great way to tease and break the ice with your partner, they'll definitely leave you feeling flirty which will add to the sexy atmosphere you're hoping for. Not only could a new sex toy open up new layers of pleasure for both you and your partner, but it could also be a welcome distraction from you in your sexy underwear.


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The next reason why you might be feeling silly in your sexy lingerie is that you're simply buying the wrong thing. There are all sorts of different types of sexy lingerie, and it can be overwhelming when shopping around for that perfect thing but if you hang in there and do your research, you'll find the most flattering sexy lingerie that will suit your body type and make you look and feel amazing. This will ultimately make you feel much more confident in your sexy lingerie.




Another reason you could be feeling silly in your sexy lingerie is down to the colour. Hear us out, the colour of your lingerie definitely determines your confidence and how you feel in your sexy lingerie. For example, wearing a colour that doesn't particularly match your skin tone could be a recipe for disaster as it won't make you feel comfortable at all.





Feeling silly in your sexy lingerie is definitely not something to be worried about. It's very common and we all feel 'shy' sometimes. What's great is that you can work on building your confidence to feel empowered and confident in your sexy lingerie by using any one of these tips in our blog. Now that you've read this blog, it's time to start shopping for your new sexy lingerie. Start small, buy a sexy chemise and maybe even work your way up to an open cup bra...who knows (wink face)

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