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Naked or Sexy Lingerie?

Which should you choose?

Sexy Belle23 June 2021

naked or sexy lingerie

This question may have crossed your mind before ... should you get naked or buy sexy lingerie? Obviously, we are on team lingerie but to help you make up your mind, here are a few tips. There are obviously pros and cons to both, but give us a minute and we will get you on team lingerie too!

To be fair there are positives to getting naked instead of wearing lingerie. First, it's free! But Sexy Belle has a wide range of sexy lingerie on a budget, so you won't need to worry about money. We are all for body confidence so if you feel bold enough to go naked, then you go for it. But we have to say not everyone feels like that all the time. Getting naked is certainly easier for your partner as they don't have to struggle with zips, fastening, buttons etc. But is this really about them? No buying sexy lingerie is about you, so who cares if they struggle a little to get it off. It's all part of the fun.

tallulah love

Why Wear Lingerie Instead of Going Naked?

1. Confidence Booster - Lingerie can be a confidence booster for everyone. We all have those days where we don't feel amazing in our own skin. Getting naked can be daunting. Although it should feel natural, sometimes it feels anything but. You are completely exposed when you are naked so lingerie can give you that little bit of coverage. Lingerie can make you feel sexy, powerful and confident which will change your behaviour in the bedroom.

2. Decorate Your Body - Don't see lingerie as a way to hide your body. But instead, see it as a tool to decorate and accentuate your figure. If you find sexy lingerie that works with your curves, it can look and feel sensational. All bodies are unique, so find seductive lingerie that works for you and sparks that magic.

lise charmel

3. Treat Yourself - We are a big believer in buying lingerie for ourselves, not others. Treat yourself to a sexy set that makes you feel empowered. Treating yourself to things you want, is part of a great self-love attitude. Look after yourself by giving your self permission to buy that lingerie you have been longing for. Sexy lingerie comes in so many styles that you will find something you love, no matter your budget.

4. Adapt Your Style - With lingerie, you can switch up your bedroom style based on your mood. Some days you might feel flirty and feminine, other days you might feel dominating and empowered. With sexy lingerie, you can choose! Mix it up to surprise your partner. There are so many stunning and unique lingerie pieces on Sexy Belle that you can adopt a new persona every week!

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Must-Have Sexy Lingerie

Our most popular lingerie brands are actually luxury lingerie brands. Lise Charmel, Coco De Mer and Aubade seem to fly out the door. If you are looking for luxe sexy lingerie which feels as amazing as it looks, opt for Sexy Belle luxury lingerie. If you are on a tight budget but still want something that feels great, Pour Moi, Obsessive or Dreamgirl are great choices. Sexy lingerie for the fuller bust can be hard to find but Scantilly and Playful Promises never disappoint on style or support.


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