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Do underwired bras give a sexier shape than non-wired bras?

Underwired Bra Vs Non-wired Bra

Sexy Belle06 March 2021

At the end of the day, sexy is always a personal preference and everyone has a different opinion on what’s sexy. At Sexy Belle we want to provide lingerie and bedroom accessories that suit everyone’s style, shape and size, including what they find sexy. So, firstly, if you find underwired bras sexier or non-wired bras sexier, we have got the bras to suit you.

The argument of underwired bra vs non-wired bra can often change depending on your age and size. For example, as a young adult, your boobs might still be growing and be tender therefore non-wired will definitely be more comfortable. You being comfortable will come across sexier than you constantly adjusting and looking in pain. And also, our bigger ladies might prefer underwire for comfort and support. Although the market for non-wired big sizes is growing, it is still lacking in bras that will provide the same support as underwired for big boobs. We understand it can actually be uncomfortable not to have the support for bigger boobs.

Although, what is sexier is a preference, here is our tuppence worth:


Underwired Bras

  1. Gives a rounded shape. The underwire can separate the boobs, so you can avoid a ‘mono’ boob and will show off the round sexy shape of each breast.
  2. The wire will give the ultimate support and lift. Enhance your sexy assets and hold them up to show off what you’ve got. Your cleavage will never look so good.
  3. The underwired bras come in such a wide range of sexy bras. You will be able to choose from a wide array of colours and styles. So, there’s no doubt you’ll not find something sexy underwired.
  4. With modern technology, underwired shouldn’t be the uncomfortable fit that they have been known to be. If you have the right size and fit, underwired can be pretty comfortable. So, you’ll have a sexy look and feel.


sexy lingerie £20-£40

Non-wired Bras

  1. Comfort is the key selling point when it comes to non-wired and as mentioned above being comfortable is an important part of being sexy.
  2. Gentle on the skin. We think you can agree, red marks on your skin are never sexy. Therefore, with a non-wired bra, you will never have anything digging in and giving you those un-sexy red marks.
  3. Non-wired bras often are also non-padded so you can show off your natural sexy bust shape. The bras tend to come in lighter materials so will have a lighter sexy touch to your lingerie collection.
  4. More and more non-wired bras are reaching the market with new technology that helps still give great support and lift like underwear. It is the stretch of the material that is used that will depend on the support and lift.


Like we said at the start, to answer the question, do underwired bras give a sexier shape than non-wired bras? It is really depending on what you find sexy. Do you prefer a rounder shape or showing off your natural shape? How much lift do you really need to be sexy? And overall, we’ve made it clear, is being comfortable a priority for you? We believe that being comfortable screams sexy! Comfortable mixed with a sexy Sexy Belle bra is the perfect combination in our eyes, no matter if it’s underwired or non-wired.

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